Join Grammarly and Dr. Silberztein for a discussion of NooJ, a development environment for linguists. Dr. Silberztein will show you how to use Nooj to apply simple queries to texts to build concordances and to find and annotate sequences of texts, how to construct and apply dictionaries for simple words and compounds, and how to construct and apply more complex grammars to formalize various linguistic phenomena.


Max Silberztein has a PhD in theoretical computer science. He has worked as an associate professor at the Universite Paris 7, then as a professor at the Universite de Franche-Comte. Previously, he was a research staff member at the IBM Watson Research center (NY, 1999-2002). In 2002 he began developing the NooJ linguistic development environment, which is now endorsed and distributed by the European Metashare platform. Today there are NooJ modules of linguistic resources for 20+ languages. NooJ’s engine is used by a dozen companies in France.