About Grammarly AI-NLP Club

The Idea of the AI-NLP Club

The idea of Grammarly AI-NLP Club is to bring together Ukrainian and international leaders in the field, specialists interested in AI, Machine Learning, and NLP in particular.
The audacious goal of this movement is to strengthen the reputation of Ukraine as a tech powerhouse and as an attractive place for research.
Effective experience, sharing high-quality content, and networking are the main pillars of all upcoming events.

Speakers & Format

We’re looking for speakers whose professional interests lie within the fields of NLP, such as machine translations, dialogue systems, etc.
We will favor speakers giving speeches in Ukraine for the first time, and whose experience has been proven by academic papers or solid business successes.


After each event, we will upload a video here along with the subtitled presentations.
We would love to see these lectures used by Ukrainian universities, schools, and anyone else who craves knowledge about the practical applications of AI, NLP, and ML and wants to improve their skills.